Can an Introvert be an Entrepreneur?

Can an introvert be an entrepreneur, and can an introvert build a successful business reliant on a network effects?

Perhaps we should ask Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K Rowling or Warren Buffett what they think.

Our To Day List Founder, Natalie Jane shares her top five reflections as an introvert on the journey to launching her recent company.

  1. The power of an introverts network can be just as grand as an extroverts presence. Never underestimate the strength in the depth of your relationships. These connections have been forged and fostered over many years, with substance and trust at their core. The genuine depth could perhaps matter more than surface level breadth when trying to achieve a network affect, check out Quiet by Susan Cain.

  2. Being thoughtful and considered is a strength, until it's not. Be sure to have an 'action' line in the sand otherwise you will spend too much time in your own head and never start. I had a mentor that figuratively kicked my butt "It is time to stop thinking and hiding behind the need to have all of the answers, it is time to be brave and start doing".

  3. Find your Tribe of two to three close connections that will give you strategic challenge, call BS and bring an alternate perspective. Too many voices will simply become noise, so select wisely as they are key in helping to keep you focused when things become overwhelming. Also remember to tap into the inspiration of authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and founders.

  4. Don’t get sucked into the hype of social media at the expense of your values or vision. When I started to draft my social media plan, I began to get swept up in hashtags, buying adds and sourcing followers. Within weeks, I noticed that I had shifted away from my original vision and instead became focused on the binary metrics of likes, shares and followers. Of course social media is important in your Entrepreneurial journey, but not at the expense of your values or vision. Stay true to your intent!

  5. Keep organised and have a master plan outlining everything that needs to be done to launch your business. I relied on my To Day List throughout the process to;

- Help me prioritise & plan my day ahead

- Keep me focused on what mattered most

- Provid a sense of achievement by demonstrating quick wins and progress

- Eliminate that overwhelming feeling you get when you look at a Gantt Chart,

project plan or to do list.

The irony is I would not have been able to bring the To Day List to life without the help of my To Day List as corny as that sounds. It is a product that will not appeal to everyone, I recognize and appreciate that. It is a product that resonates with those whom have a natural tendency to plan and keep lists.

My vision is to create a Tribe of like-minded individuals who want to be their best and bring their best self to each and every day. A simple daily practice to focus your energy & attention, prioritizing what matters most. The To Day List provides you with a clean slate and a clear mind, opening up a day of possibilities.

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