Creating Peace in an Uncertain World by Alan Riva

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

To Day List is supporting an amazing human who has recently written an e-Book - Creating Peace in an Uncertain World.

To do my little bit to help try and create a better balance in the way business is done, this book is priced to be the same as a cup of coffee and for 50% of the proceeds to help people who are suffering in this time of uncertainty and to our planet that desperately needs some love from us.

This little book was created to help you to navigate your way through these times of change and uncertainty.

You will find thirteen practices that will help reduce your stress and grow your levels of peace, positivity and presence.

A sneak peak at the Top 5 Healthy Habits to get you started...

1. Switch off

2. Reconnect with nature

3. Smile (and say 'Hi')

4. Mindfulness Practice

5. Play

Check it out, support a local and feel great knowing 100% of the profits are going to charity.

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