Drop the P like it's hot!

Say NO more to the Perfectionist and instead focus on the Effect.ion.ist

At To Day List we proudly support our Tribe members to focus on what matters most, helping them to prioritize their attention and achieve their goals. We never want perfection to become the enemy of progress.

So what do we mean by the term 'Effect.ion.ist' {noun & verb} (and yes we have made up this word… perhaps one day it will be in the Urban Dictionary)

The balance of being highly effective, producing desired outcomes and achieving results with minimal effort. An Effectionist has high standards but never lets an opportunity to refine or iterate go to waste. An Effectionist challenges the status quo, continuously seeking more efficient ways of doing a task and / or streamlines the effort expelled. Effectionist's want the greatest return for their invested input.

In today's modern world with technology all around us, constant connectivity and notifications apart of our daily DNA, we have all become accustomed to automation and speed at our finger tips. Yet in my wellness coaching sessions I continue to see the Perfectionists of the world struggle to drop the 'P' [Perfectionist] and focus on the 'E' [Effectionist].

Using our Tribe wellness techniques and To Day List tactics we are helping our members shift from 'P' to 'E'.

Join the Tribe to find out more.

Natalie J.




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