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To Day List in Practice

By Erin Jane

Have you ever found yourself losing track of lists and post-it-notes, not to mention always trying to find a pen that works? Well, you’re certainly not alone. I recently read a study finding that those who physically write out their goals and tasks are over 30 percent more likely to achieve them! Additionally, writing down your ideas and to-do’s is proven to help you to recall them.

While the physical act of writing down your notes on paper gives you a sense of order and achievement (my personal favourite part is the celebratory crossing off of completed items!), it’s not always the most practical option.

If you’re anything like me, your to do list is long, dynamic and seemingly endless. In fact, I’d been wading through piles of paper with scribbled notes up until I received my To Day list! The To Day list provides a hybrid solution offering one point of collection for my lists and goals. Now I don’t have to worry about losing track of a stray piece of paper with an important action item on it because it’s all here in one place in a digital format – and I’m saving trees too!

As a product manager for a leading EdTech company, I’m responsible for managing the conceptualisation, development and delivery phases of digital product lifecycles. In this role, I’m tracking developments across a number of teams and it can be tricky to track the progress of each department in one place. The To Day List helps me to break my tasks into segments so that I can get a holistic picture of what needs to be achieved across each of the different groups.

The To Day List is not only great for work but it also helps me juggle my two young boys and part-time study. In fact, I have two To Day Lists! I love that the To Day List has a magnetic backing so I can stick it on my fridge and populate my shopping list. All I need to take with me to the store is my To Day List and reusable shopping bags.

I love that I can still get that tactile pen and paper feeling by using my stylus and tablet – but even better! I’m no longer squeezing additional notes or commentary into whatever blank space on the paper I can find. I can have it all in one place and once I’ve crossed everything off my list, I can celebrate my wins for the day and wipe the slate clean with the push of a button, ready to start my next list.


Erin Jane

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