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My name is Rob and I have worked with the founder of To Day List, Nat, in a previous work setting so I was more than happy to jump onboard and see what this was all about.

I live in the States and I received my To Day List in the mail effortlessly and quickly.

What I love about the product is the simplicity of it, as well as the philosophy behind it that Nat so passionately puts forth in her blogs, podcasts, posts, and overall mission.

"Slow down. Get off the screen. Keep it simple."

It's super convenient to carry my To Day List around and it works perfectly. Instead of loose leaf papers or Notes in my phone that can get cumbersome, I have a fresh slate WHENEVER I WANT ONE!!!!

Goal setting, planning the day, jotting ideas, taking notes while listening to seminars, there are a million and one uses.

Thanks Nat for not only a great product but also a fantastic message in our overstimulated world. Step back and enjoy the basics in life. We don't need much, after all, and the To Day List is a perfect example of this.

Cheers from Ohio!

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