How do you Wake Up?

We all know that good quality sleep is the corner stone of health. But how do you wake up?

Do you set an alarm the night before?

Do you have the freedom to wake up whenever your body feels like it?

Or do you not need an alarm because you have kids….

And as any parent knows, kids are the best alarm clocks. Unfortunately they do not have a dial for 'Sleep in Sunday's.

How we wake up ultimately sets the tone for how we tackle the day. Every day is a gift and we have two choices; to actively engage or passively wander.

As the famous Tony Robbins says - "life happens for you, not too you".

I am yet to meet anyone who wakes up in the morning and says… "Today I want to be disorganized, overwhelmed and out of control".

"Any mistake repeated more than once, becomes a choice".

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking no decision is ok. No decision or passivity is actually a choice and you will be handed the consequences of that choice whether you like it or not.

So stand up and take charge of your day, choose to be active in your focus and feel great! Let To Day list help you create healthy rituals and habits that promote your best life. Over time you will have designed positive reinforcing loops that perpetuate success.

What happens if we stay passive?

If we choose the passive daily path, it leads to what I call 'decision fatigue', as we have to make multiple tradeoff decisions throughout the day. The intentions in which we started the day quickly become too much to achieve in 24hours, we then begin to rush, run late and/or make unhealthy choices.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and realize you have nothing in the fridge for dinner? On top of this you still have to chauffeur kids around to extracurricular activities?! The thought of then going home to cook a healthy balanced meal feels like a pipe dream.

So what happens next? UberEATS or drive-thru becomes a very likely and appealing solution.

For the times when you can, let's work together to set yourself up to have a productive day, with healthy rituals and positive outcomes. Let's make the rushing and takeaway nights the exception, not the rule.

To Day List offers Free Coaching calls to help answer any initial questions you may have around the product or our up coming Tribe Program. You do not need to purchase a To Day List to join or participate, simply subscribe & sign up.

We believe in supporting you to be your best and want to ensure everyone has access to the best tools, regardless of financial circumstances.

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Let us help you wake up with active purpose and positive choices, allowing you to be your best.

Natalie J.

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