Panic Attacks, Progress & Personal Best

What a week it has been…. As a Founder and working mum, I have really had to tap into my years of experience as a wellness coach. It has been a very humbling reminder that we are all human and need a helping hand from time to time.

For the most part I am organised, in control and float around my day with a sense of purpose and inner calm. This week however has pushed my limits and tested my resilience.

Mid way through the week I found myself having a panic attack; shortness of breath, chest pain, heart palpitations and dizzy.

What was a minor setback in my work day turned out to be the final straw that sent me into a spin.

A few slow deep breaths, hug from hubby and phone call with a friend really helped calmed me down.

I now arrive at Friday afternoon with my inner optimist back and feeling centered again. The reassuring aspect of this experience, has been the positive reinforcement that the lessons I teach in my Tribe Coaching and online programs actually work.

I enacted the key elements of my Wellness Coaching techniques; positive rituals, self-care, daily balance, wellbeing reset & priority re-focus to help me get back in control.

I will continue to be kind to myself over the weekend as I recover from an emotional and trying week. I plan to spend time with family, have lunch with friends, a nice hot bath and a gym session to reconnect to my body.

Key takeaway

Always aim for Progress over Perfection and remember that not every week can be a Personal Best.

Join the Tribe and connect with likeminded individuals that will always be here to support and guide you in those hard times. If you are having a tough week, please book in a FREE Coaching Call.

Natalie J.


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