Strengths, Superpowers & Mindful Mottos

Science says using your character strengths every day can make you happier, more resilient and better connected to others.

As part of the To Day List philosophy, we focus on unlocking your strengths and superpowers as a way to unleash your inner potential and achieve your best life.

Which begs the question - "what are my strengths and superpowers?"

To Day List partner with the VIA Institute on Character to provide Tribe members with the best science based tools & techniques. Complete the FREE assessment and discover what your strengths are.

The assessment provides an overview of 24 VIA character strengths, each with a simple motto that captures the essence of that strength. Every day is your opportunity it tap into those strengths to get the best out of yourself and be sure you are moving toward your ambitions.

Try this simple Tribe Strengths activity:

1. Plan - Use the VIA Character Assessment to discover your top 5 strengths. Which one will you intentionally use to day? When will you use it?

2. Do: Make your plan happen! Use your top strengths at least 5 times during the day. Create a visual reminder using your To Day List LCD Writing Tablet, as a reminder! Keep track of each time you use your top strength and check it off as you go!

3. Review: At the end of the day, think about how you went.

  • Did you use the strength? How many times?

  • How did it feel when you used it?

  • Did it make a difference or change outcomes for you? How?

4. Reflect: Think about an activity or task you need to do tomorrow.

  • How can you use this same top strength to complete that activity?

  • Which other top strengths could you use as well?

If this sounds a little overwhelming or you are unsure where to start, we have GOOD NEWS!

Book in your FREE Tribe member Coaching call. Our dedicated Wellness Coach can help guide you through the assessment, unpack the results and build a plan for the future.

For more information on how to discover, unlock and unleash your strengths and superpowers head on over to our Tribe Member exclusive resources.

Natalie J.


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