Tackling the Minyana List

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We all have a to-do list, whether explicitly written down or just floating around in our minds. We are human after all. Life is exciting with so many adventures to have, countries to explore, cars to buy, books to read, friends to see and musical instruments to learn.

Most people I speak to however have more items on their to-do list than they have hours in a day.

Which begs the question… what do you do first, where do you focus your efforts and how do you know what comes first?

Pick me, Pick Me! …

This is where the To Day List comes to shine. The power of the To Day List allows you to focus your efforts on a single day. By deliberately selecting only a few items each day your mind will be calm and be able to focus on what is most important. Overall this will help reduce distractions and those varied excuses - to be very blunt.

When we spend time thinking about the items on your never ending to do list, it can become counterproductive. Whilst it may be subconscious, you will in fact become less productive each day. We live in a world of an overflowing and overwhelming amount of information and opportunities, but are limited by the 24hours in each day. This inevitably causes inner tension between what we want and what we can realistically achieve.

Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be those items on the list that you just never get to? Somehow they end up at the bottom of the pile and you always have an excuse as to why you can't do them.

I like to call these items 'Minyana' which is Spanish for Tomorrow. When it comes to getting certain things done, it's always tomorrow, I'll do it on a rainy day, I'll do it next week, I'll do it on a long weekend.

Tackle your Minyana list

The time is now to get things off your Minyana list and onto your To Day List. The best way to start working through your 'Minyana' items is to create a weekly practice.

One morning per week as you sit with your morning cuppa and your blank To Day List, think about the day ahead and be sure to add a minyana item. Consider your whole day and set aside dedicated time to focus on the item.

Not only will you have successfully completed that nagging item you've been procrastinating on for years, but you will get a double benefit of the rush of dopamine flowing through your veins once it's done! Sounds like a win win to me.

What's Next?

Grab yourself a To Day List and take a positive steps to eliminating the never-ending to do list & Minyana list forever.

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Natalie J.

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