To Day List - A Dumb Device in a Smart world

In a world of AI, Smart devices and the Internet of Things you may ask yourself 'why would I buy a dumb device when I have all of this smart technology around me?'

Great question and here is why …

The To Day List is deliberately designed without notifications, alerts or connectivity. It is a tool that promotes mindfulness and positive daily rituals that encourage you to slow down, reset, re-center and reflect on the day ahead.

The To Day List allows you to focus your attention to what matters most, extracting only the top priorities from your various to-do lists, note books or devices into a single source.

The To Day List benefit is in starting each day with a clean slate and clear mind, without the distractions of digital notifications or alerts.

How many times have you unlocked your phone to make a note of something that you 'have to remember to do' and by the time you've finished checking your email, insta feed and the weather you have put your phone back down and not even made it to the notes section?!

Smart devices keep us connected, provide on demand information and unlock a world of possibilities. Like anything in life though, with any 'Pro' there is always a 'Con'… The temptations are high when it comes to scrolling, liking or swiping, all of which distract you from your day's 'priorities'.

Smart devices and the To Day List can however have a wonderful partnership. If you do have an item on the To Day List that you wish to keep or share, simply take a photo with your phone and you'll be able to easily store, email, upload or share.

The To Day List is a simple tool that compliments positive daily practices, helping you find a sense of calm amidst your never ending to do list.

What's Next?

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Natalie J.


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