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One of our very own Tribe Members, Harsh shares his To Day List experience.

I just had to share my experience after using the To Day List.

I have used many methods in an attempt to get organised such as, online tools, the good 'ol paper note pad and none of them seem to stick. So when I heard of the To Day List I initially thought I would try it out, but wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Now, I have used it, I am a total convert.

This is what my typical week used to look like.

I have a horrible memory, with lots on the go and I cannot afford to drop the ball. My biggest problem is that I make lists….aaand I never use them, or even worse I forget where I put them.

I juggle many prioritise and lists at work and home. Anything from the bi-weekly groceries shop through to meal planning what I am going to cook for the week ahead. I have tried Evernote, OneNote, Outlook tasks, and Excel - all great in their own right, but didn’t seem to help meet my needs.

I would make a list in the morning, feeling really good about it, get swept up in the day and completely forget about it until the next day. Having made no progress along the way I stopped even bothering.

To top if off, on multiple occasions I've taken out my phone to make a new to do list and 60 mins later all I have done is scroll through Insta, and checked in on my guild (online gaming comp). So I end up at the supermarket with no list and come home with items I didn’t need and without the items I did!

The other annoyance is finding a piece of paper (now I think about it, I actually have to remember to buy post-it-notes), then to find a pen (one that works). Eventually, I arrive to make the list, 3 times out of 10 I lose the list.

Life can get out of control and complicated very quickly once I start forgetting things.

Which brings me to…. the To Day List. Another quest to organise my life and experiment number 10,001 (just kidding).

I am happy to report one month on and I am still using it :)

The act of physically writing down my thoughts and notes, made me focus on the tasks that matter, no notifications to distract me and no urgent cries for help to fight off Attila the Hun invading my guild again!

I actually made my groceries list in a couple of minutes. So simple to use and practically located on the fridge.

Here is the fun bit though. It has become a ritual with my daughter where we sit down together with the To Day List every Saturday and we write out a 7 day meal plan. Some days she even draws little pictures around each meal, just like you would see in the cook book.

We then head to the pantry to check what's already in there, and write up the grocery list of what else we need. A new habit has been formed and we enjoy going through the steps each week together. The ritual bonds us and our tummy's cheer with all the delish meals we have been cooking up.

For work an interesting thing happened, because I was physically writing down my activities for the day, I actually reduced the number of activities I focused on. I started to realise that the 'busy' and 'noise' does not need or deserve my attention to get through the day and feel accomplished. The To Day List limits the amount of activities you can capture, and because you clean the slate each day, I no longer carry over unfinished lists from day to day.

Technology based lists are great, but one downside of using an app or excel is that you can go to town with a list of tasks that is a mile long. I was sick of constantly carrying over more that 50% of the tasks to the next day, such a waste of time, not to mention the stress and deflated feelings that came with an unfinished list.

With the To Day List I quickly learnt to priorities and only write down the activities that mattered most and that I could realistically complete in a single day. I have achieved a greater sense of accomplishment.

Also, the act of writing my work list out each morning is my trigger to switch into work mode. I plan and I start my day with a clear view of what I need to accomplish.

The final highlights of using the To Day List is the fun my daughter and I have with it together. The To Day List looks and feels like that good old black board I grew with at school. It brings back a nostalgic memories for me of the good old days, and my daughter will often pick it up and draw on it - sparks of her imagination that are beautiful to watch.

I am so glad to have a To Day List to help me get organised and want to help inspire others to join in on the modern day to do list.

I have also been fortunate enough to have had a coaching session with the To Day List founder. Connecting with Natalie and having her support me through the transition of the old way of listing to the new way of To Day Listing has been great.

A great product and a great philosophy.

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Harsh D.

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