What is the COVID Coil?

After 13 weeks of the Sydney Lockdown and another ~3 weeks to go, I have begun to experience an inner sensation I had no words to describe.

As I continue my daily To Day List reflection practice I began to conjure an image of a coil. I pondered it for a few weeks, and after speaking with many Tribe members, friends & colleagues recently noticed that others were experiencing something very similar. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you have a coil inside... The larger spirals at the bottom and tighter spirals at the top.

When life is good and balanced, we operate at the bottom, with plenty of room to move & navigate our day. When life throws us a curve ball, the coil tightens. We begin to move up the coil with each half turn and start operating from the top, where the spirals are tighter and there is less room to move - but of course we still have all of the same responsibilities and things on the list, just less mental space to do it in. When the current round of lockdown commenced back in June, I like everyone in Sydney (& around Australia), did my best to bunker down and mentally prepare for the uncertainty that lay ahead. I redirected my energy toward deploying my resilience, reflecting on the opportunities it provides (like more time with my son & more time to read) as well as embracing the lessons along the way, to ensure I come out of it a better person. Fast-forward a few weeks, which soon turned into a few months. I could feel myself experiencing something like never before. Every time I watched the evening news, saw that trend line going upward and heard the death toll rising it was like someone had a hex key and was slowly tightening the coil. No coffee with friends, dinner with family, workouts in the gym or a weekend getaway that would normally help me reset, decompress and re-energise my soul. I found myself struggling to unwind the coil. For short periods of time, we are all resilient enough to survive and find moments of joy & balance, but with this round of 'Delta' is testing to say the least. As I began framing my inner sensation as a 'tightening coil' I noticed that it helped me better channel my daily focus as well as show myself a little more self compassion. During my evening reflections, I included a 'coil check' - How tight was it today, and what might I need to do to help ease the tension? Life is a rollercoaster journey and I continue to refine & incorporate various life's lessons into the Tribe philosophy, to ensure the offering to members stays current and is representative of the circumstances around us. I am incredibly grateful for my 'love, laugh, life' dynamics but I am human. Daily I choose to maintain my balance and operate as best I can, from the base of the coil, but sometimes sh*t happens and a little self compassion is required.

I know and appreciate that many fellow Aussies have had an extremely difficult few months and my offer of support goes out to anyone who might need it. Our Tribe Coaching may just be the conversation you need right NOW, to loosen the coil and allow yourself to achieve your best in the current situation. Book in your free Coaching call and kick start your coil reset To Day! In the meantime, be kind to yourself and those around you. We are all doing the best we can. Natalie J. @todaylist.biz Hello@todaylist.biz

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