What is the greatest challenge facing Coaches, limiting their abilities to unlock potential?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Are you an executive coach, wellness coach, performance coach or life coach? Discover the latest trend shifting the coaching landscape to new heights.

As an Executive and Wellness Coach myself, there is one particular trend I have observed over the years that differentiates those clients that achieve their goals & success, and those who struggle. That is positive daily habits along with deliberate focus of energy & attention.

As you well know, the power of coaching is synonymous with the power of the mind. The secret lies in your ability as a coach to help your counterpart remove interferences and disrupt any unproductive daily rituals and habits that no longer serve them. In order to unlock the potential of the counterpart, coaches seek to expedite the creation of positive ways forward.

Discovering this insight was what led me to create To Day List. A practical tool that promotes positive daily rituals whilst also acting as the physical symbol of disruption. This tangible product helps the counterparts reset & re-center their busy mind. It works because of its ability to create a clean slate and a clear mind each day, helping them focus on a single day, and returns many benefits including enhanced mindfulness and self-awareness.

Notebooks, post-it-notes, digital notes and emails are all great tools that support the capturing of activities, thoughts and information, however many counterparts become lost in the multiple sources of truth. The To Day List helps you mindfully select the activities that will give you a sense of accomplishment for that day. A single day, clear slate and clear mind to keep you on track without the distractions of notifications or alerts. (Learn more about the benefits of a To Day List - A Dumb Device in a Smart world)

Whether you are a Level 1 Coach using the GROW model or a more experienced Coach utilizing other models, the commonality of setting SMART goals is key to progress and long term success. There is no better 'Time' bound focus than a To Day List - single day, succinct focus, serious success!

I discovered the power of a To Day List in my coaching practice and decided to bring the secret to the broader coaching community. I aim to make the world a better place, one coaching session at a time, but imagine how great the world could be if all coaches from around the world leverage the To Day List to exponential unlock the potential of counterparts, we could see a 10x result.

5 key benefits of the To Day List

  1. Single Source. Extracting key actions from other list sources, into the To Day List helps eliminate that overwhelming sense of 'too much to do and not enough time'.

  2. Create positive daily rituals. Acts as a physical symbol helping to disrupt unhealthy or unproductive habits and behaviours.

  3. Time-bound with a capital T. We've all heard of SMART goals, well this is next level - Single day, succinct focus, serious success!

  4. Progress = Dopamine. Take great pleasure in ticking items off the list. And if you're anything like me, you'll add extra items to the list just so you can cross it off and get that extra buzz!

  5. Calm mind - 'outer order equals inner calm' and there is no better way to achieve this state than a completed To Day list. Clean slate daily = clear mind.

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Natalie J.

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