Which Rubik's Trait are you?

You will have heard me over the years refer to humans being ' multi-dimensional'.

We all wear many hats, juggle multiple priorities, constantly shift our focus whilst attempting to reach a sense of 'success'. How you define success however, is for a whole other blog post.

When I think about multi-dimensions in the context of the Tribe clients that I coach, an interesting theme emerges and the best analogy is a Rubik's' cube.

The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle, each of the six faces was covered by nine stickers, each of one of six solid colours: white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

As you twist and turn the cube, the arrangement of colours shifts as well. When I think about life and the challenges we face, it can at times feel as though we are trying to re-arrange and re-align the colours and faces of a Rubik's cube.

Somedays everything lines up, whilst others, the more you turn and twist the more chaotic and further away from your end goal you become.

Over my years of coaching, I have found that there are 4 categories of Tribe clients in terms of how they manage their multi-dimensional existence:

  1. Publicly Perfect

  2. Shambles shenanigans

  3. Just Juggling

  4. Genius Growth

Publicly Perfect

Trait - high importance on public opinion. Invests energy on ensuring the surface of life looks cohesive. Rarely says no to others, but often deprioritizes self.

Some clients are focused merely on the publicly visible face of their life's Rubik's cube as they wish to be perceived as perfect. They put all their time and energy into making sure they 'look' happy and have the sh1t together.

The reality however tends to be a struggling perfectionist who works tirelessly to maintain a self-inflicted standard.

The Publicly Perfect cuber's are perfect for coaching (pun intended) as they need a gentle challenging voice to help them re-balance their definition of success.

Having a coach can help the publicly perfect shift the outer need for perceived perfection to reconnect with what matters and show themselves a little more self-compassion.

Note to the publicly perfect - Peeling the stickers off to change the colours around, is not the answer! Do the work!

Shambles shenanigans

Trait - always running late. Overcommitted. Rarely finishes a project. Is a walking dictionary of excuses. Can never find where they put that 'thing'...

These clients tend to have 6 sides of their life's Rubik's cube in a shambles. Not a single line or face in order. Mixed colors everywhere, no structure or order and no clear plan on how to make sense of it.

Whilst some clients enjoy the disorganised chaos approach to life, most have self-imposed limiting beliefs and barriers that prevent them from being their best.

I love this category of client as they have the most potential and gain drastic results very quickly.

With the smallest of tweaks and nudges to their everyday life, they will experience a dramatic shift in their mindset and start to find a new groove to gain inner calm and positive routines.

Just Juggling

Trait - clear on what matters at that moment in time, can be prone to over committing, often meets expectations but rarely exceeds.

The Just Jugglers generally have elements of their cube colour arranged and aligned. There will likely be lines of cohesive colour and some semblance of order and method to their madness.

Each day they work hard to keep some level of order and control in everything they have on their plate.

These clients are the one's whom benefit the most of the To Day List Tribe. They have already begun to stake steps toward figuring out their Rubik's cube of life, and have enough self-awareness to know they need to do things differently in order to be better. They also recognise that they cant' have everything at once, but will work hard to get what they want over time.

A coach for the just juggling cuber's is the ideal sounding board and voice of reason to help them optimise and elevate what they already do well and make it even better.

Genius Growth

Trait - high intelligence. Inner sense of grandeur and self-worth at times / in certain situations. Was likely at the top of their field at some point in their career. Tends to be highly competitive. Known to be a 'know it all'. Struggles to consider 'new' or 'differing' perspectives that may challenge their deep inner beliefs.

The Genius Growth-ers are the ones who can finish the Rubik's cube without hiccup and tend to even get the stop watch out to time themselves, just to add an additional level of challenge.

The caution however is that there is always room for improvement!

Even if you are a genius and have completed all 6 sides, resting on your laurels for the next 50 years is not the answer.

The question is, what is the next growth aspect for you to push yourself to new limits?

Life is about exploring possibilities, trying something new or even inventing.

I encourage this group of clients to be proud of their achievements, support and teach those around them and make a commitment to self, to try tackling the hexagon. Life is more interesting when you add a few more dimensions to your life.

No matter what our traits are today, we all bring a bias to our own relative and perceived greatness. Some over inflate one's self whilst others are too harsh or critical.

The aim is to find a balance, stay curious, know your strengths, leverage them in times of challenge but remember that any strength overdone can become an achilles heel.

Life is not static. You will evolve overtime, with no two days looking the same. Some days you will resonate with one trait and the next a completely different one. There is not good nor bad, there just 'is'. Building self-awareness and being mindful in how you respond is what matters.

Remember that you need not do this alone. Join the Tribe and work with our Wellness Coach to help navigate and enhance your Rubik's cube life.

Natalie J.





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