Why should you To Day List?!

Many of you may be asking 'why would I buy a To Day List, when I already have a to do list or use my phone notes function'?

A very fair and valid question to ask… The key to the To Day List success is its ability to disrupt any unproductive daily rituals and habits, to help you re-centre and reset your busy mind. Simplifying your day & boosting productivity.

The value of a To Day List, is exactly that, focusing on to-day and being in the moment. The challenge most people have with their current lists, whether that be a physical page or digital, is that there are more items on the list than you can possibly get through in a single day.

At some point during the day you are going to need to make trade off decisions as to what you will do and what you won't have time to tackle.

The To Day List helps create a simple daily practice to unlock your best self. Focusing your attention daily to what matters most. Selecting the top activities that promote a balance of work, home and self-care.

Some of you may already use a daily gratitude journal, meditation practice or yoga to help keep them centered and present. The good news is that the To Day List is a convenient companion to those wonderful daily practices. A companion to use when you sit down with your daily cuppa - focus your energy, planning out the day ahead and capturing the must dos.

The To Day List helps create calm amidst the overwhelming to do lists, increasing social expectations and enormous amounts of content & information. This little light weight, easy to use device will disrupt the unproductive rituals we have in our life, by creating simple ways to re-focus our attention allowing you to be your best self each and every day.

What's Next?

Grab yourself a To Day List and take a positive step in simplifying your day and boosting productivity.

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Natalie J.

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