Why are Tribe members coming back for seconds?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

To Day List products are versatile, simple, convenient and fun. Many of our Tribe members have returned for seconds & some even thirds. We are seeing a trend of To Day Lists being lovingly hi-jacked by the kids or a partner. What started off as a purchase with a clear intent for the Tribe member, has morphed into a world of possibilities.

Tribe members have begun to share photos of how they are using their To Day List.

  • Grocery list

  • Weekly meal planner

  • Personal Training session plans

  • Daily Mindfulness practice

  • Dividing up household chores

  • Family logistics schedule

  • Work priorities

  • Notice board

  • Creative play for the kids

  • Distraction tool for the kids, when you're on the go.

Head over to the gallery to check out the fun and ingenious ways our Tribe members are setting themselves up for success and getting the most out of their day.

Not only are we creating a community of like-minded individuals who want to be their best and bring their best self to each and every day, we have also unlocked Tribe Kids as a fun and bonus way to create joy in their day.

If you have a customer story to share, email us at hello@todaylist.biz.

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