6.5 Inch To Day List

6.5 Inch To Day List


6.5 Inch To Day List

LCD Writing tablet

Available in: Black, pink, teal

Easy to use, lightweight, portable & convenient.


Product Dimensions: 6.5 Inch (18cm x 11.5cm x 0.05cm)

Weight: 74grams

Functionality; Simply remove the stylus, begin to write, draw and create. Hit delete button once you are finished. All boards have an on/off button located on the back of the board, to help preserve the life of the battery as well as prevent accidental deletion.


Product Includes; LCD Writing Tablet, black stylus, battery.

Magnetic strip included for use on Fridge.


All products come with a 12month warranty for peace of mind. Please contact us hello@todaylist.biz should you have any questions.


  • Product Care

    Taking care of your product is easy. Simply clean the screen using a mild screen cleaner or dry cloth. 

    For any stubborn marks, try using a small drop of water on the edge of a clean cloth and rub gently.

    When replacing the battery, be sure to use the same type. To Day List have spare batteries available for purchase, simply add one to your cart.



    All products come with a 6 month warranty for peace of mind. If you do experience any issue with your product please contact us directly to discuss.

    Simply email us - hello@todaylist.biz 

    Note - The warranty will be void should you not use the included stylus, insert an incorrect battery or expose the LCD Writing tablet to any situation(s) listed below.



    Due to the small components within the product, we do not recommend use for children under the age of 4.

    Do not place your item in direct sunlight. 

    Do not use in humid conditions. 

    Do not place the item in water.

    Do not place any item onto of your LCD writing tablet.

    Do not expose to heat or direct flames.

    Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.

    Do not push too hard on the LCD screen.

    Do not open the product, as it contains a liquid that could cause a skin reaction. If you do get exposed to the liquid, please contact your medical professional and/or go immediately to hospital.

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