To Day List Fold Stand

To Day List Fold Stand


To Day List Fold Stand

Black or white To Day List fold stand

Compact, lightweight, portable & foldable.


Product Dimensions: 8cm x 7cm

Weight: 25grams



Get the most out of your To Day List with a Fold Stand

Support your To Day List device both portrait or landscape mode.

Angle adjustment for multi-functional viewing.


Product Includes; Black or White foldable To Day List stand.


The To Day List Fold Stand is designed for compatible use with the 6.5inch and 8.5inch devices, for both landscape and portrait viewing mode.

To Day List Fold Stand can be used on 10inch and 12inch devices, however only in landscape mode.


To Day List only recommends this product for explicit use of our To Day List tool. No liability or warranty will be accepted for use of any other devices such as mobile phones or tablets.


If you do experience and issue with your product please contact us directly to discuss.


All products come with a 6 month warranty for peace of mind. Please contact us should you have any questions

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